Offline Marketing

Radio, TV, PR, Print & More.

ILM Marketing offers offline marketing assistance for a variety of traditional and non-traditional channels.  From media buying services and graphic design to PR and copywriting services, we strive to help you build and promote your brand and deliver a targeted message to your audience.  We work with other marketing agencies and media outlets to put together marketing packages that serve the needs of our clients.

We offer the following services:

Public Relations
Unleash the power of the media to distribute your message. We write and distribute press releases to local media as well as online sources. Don’t think your business has anything newsworthy going on? A new client, product launch, office move, new hire, charity involvement, or new website could each make an interesting news story when properly presented.
Business cards, office signage, letterhead, brochures, vehicle signage…you want to present a cohesive and professional appearance for your brand. Let us design an eye-catching logo or incorporate your existing logo into all your branding pieces. Your logo and printed material should convey a strong message, whether it’s strength and stability for a financial firm, fun and high energy for a children’s store, or a web 2.0 look for a technology start-up.
Media Buying
Broadcast your message without overspending. We take a numbers driven approach to media buys and carefully examine the return on investment to drive down the cost of each conversion. Let us put together a comprehensive plan to put you in front of your target audience.
You know you want to spread the word about your services, your company, your products, and all the wonderful things about your business…and yet the website, brochure, and press release haven’t exactly been written yet. We have a bunch of English major nerds on staff, and the correct way to punctuate a certain phrase is a normal topic of conversation around here. Let us handle the copywriting for your website, blog posts, news items, and anything that needs a few carefully crafted paragraphs.
Radio Advertising
Reach your target audience with radio advertising, which we often find is a highly effective and inexpensive means of generating new business. Target specific demographics based on the listener profiles of different stations.
TV Advertising
TV commercials don’t need to be crazy expensive to produce or to air, and can be a great fit for even a small local company. We’ll fine tune the ad buy to make sure your message is being played when your prospective client is watching.
Indoor Advertising
There’s nothing like a captive audience. Get in front of your clients where they work out, eat, and ummmm…do their business. This is a great opportunity to target a specific clientele both by demographic and location.
Billboard Advertising
What are some of the billboards you see on your drive to work every day? A few come to mind without even thinking much about it, right? The large scale and repetition add up to a big impact. Let’s talk about whether a billboard might be a good addition to your advertising campaign.