Live Chat Solutions

Answer their questions already! Start the Chit-Chat.

You’ve put in the time and money to get people to your site. Now you’ll want to ensure that you can answer their questions and direct them towards an action. If you’re thinking that your clients want to spend a lot of time reading through your FAQs and trying to figure out a pricing question, you may want to think again. An easy, cost effective solution is offering to chat with your visitors.

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10+ Operators
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Here’s how it works:

  • You/we put a little piece of code on your web site.
  • We set up the necessary operator accounts for your business.
  • You login through an admin panel when you’re available to chat.
  • You can monitor when visitors are on your site.
  • The user will click a “Chat” icon if they have questions. The buttons are customizable to match the look and feel of your web site.
  • You can also push out an engagement icon if you want to try to start a conversation.
  • It’s all pretty simple, efficient, and inexpensive.
  • We’ll help you set it up and guide you through the process.
  • We’ll train you on how to use the interface.

Live Chat Highlights:

  • Ability to have multiple operators watching the site.
  • Customizable chat icons.
  • Push functionality to engage visitors.
  • Co-Browse with users to see where they are on the site.
  • Save chat sessions.
  • Live site monitoring.

Give us a call to learn more and find out if Live Chat makes sense for your business – 910-547-6910.