Google Adwords Set-Up and Management

Should your business use Adwords? Yeah, it probably should.

ILM Marketing offers Google AdWords campaign development and management services for businesses in Greater Wilmington, NC and throughout the United States. Whether you have a $100 or $100,000/month budget, we can help you get the most out of your AdWords pay-per-click efforts. We can’t stress enough the importance of tight CPC management. Many businesses get approached by Google directly or try to run campaigns on their own with disastrous results. Others have been taken advantage of by publishers who bundle AdWords with their other services and they promise a certain number of clicks. Blahhhh!

Let us say this loud and clear, pay-per-click can be awesome! It’s just  a matter of finding the right keywords and matching types, setting and tweaking bid amounts, having the right campaign settings in place (ie: geo and device targeting, setting days of the week and hours, etc),  building out negative keywords on an ongoing basis to minimize waste, blocking IPs to reduce fraud, and a handful of other steps. Sound simple? It’s not that simple! That’s the problem, when people do it on their own or have the Google’s Express team set it up, look out pocket books. Google does provide good customer support, but our experience is that they bid a lot more than we recommend and they do not drill down and analyze the finer details to ensure that you do not spend more than you should.

We’ve been managing CPC for years and work to help clients find an AdWords solution that makes sense for their individual businesses. Whether that means adjusting campaigns to hit a cost-per-lead or sale, then that’s what we’ll work towards. We won’t exhaust your budget if the right audience isn’t there and we won’t advocate spending more if the cost per lead or sale doesn’t make sense for your business.

Our typical process for setting up AdWords involves:

  • Discussing business and marketing goals with clients
  • Determining who the clients’ target markets are and how their customers search for their goods and services
  • Establishing campaign settings
  • Researching keywords and matching types (ie exact, phrase, broad, and broad match modifier)
  • Developing the copy for the ads to make their offers concise and to help eliminate wasted clicks
  • Building out negative keyword lists
  • Determining if retargeting should be considered
  • Setting up a plan to actively monitor accounts and improve performance

How we charge for build out and management

  • We typically bill hourly for the set-up piece. The amount will range depending upon the size of the campaign.
  • If the client would like us to manage their campaigns moving forward, we typically change a flat monthly fee (starting as low as $65/month).

We understand a lot of people have been burned with AdWords before but we think it is a powerful tool. As a matter of fact, for most businesses, CPC is often the best bang for the buck you can get, period. There are not many outlets out there where you can pay so little to have people find you by searching for exactly what you have to offer. You just need to make sure that you’re positioned to not get hosed with wasted clicks and poor management. Plus, Google is allocating more on-page real estate for their ads.

Give us a call for more information on our services and to find out if pay per click advertising is right for your business – 910-547-6910.