June 25, 2012

Content Marketing in a Post Penguin World

Ever since Google rolled out it’s Penguin Update in late April 2012, SEOs have been dialing in their focus on quality content marketing and social sharing, particularly on the Google+ network.  Google is making it impossible for online marketers (or any Google users, really) to ignore their social sharing network so we’re learning to better use the network to leverage it’s power to help influence search results (see: Study: “Social Signals” Boost Organic Search Engine Rankings).

But – back to content marketing.  We know we need to focus on on-site content, blogging, guest blogging, and sharing our news with the world.  I recently came across this article that outlines ways we can plan and strategize our content so that people might actually read it and share it: 10 Ways to Get Your Content Marketing Strategy in Motion.  Creating a strategy by mining existing data and social signals makes it easier to figure out what you’re going to write about, why, and where you’re going to share it.

I also enjoyed this recent article about how to write for the web, for SEO, and for users.  It’s a great blueprint for anyone getting starting with writing for the web and a good check-in for those of us who are writing on a daily basis: Forget Reading! Web Content Is Meant To Be Skimmed.  This addresses ways we can satisfy all kinds of users – from those who won’t read a lick of content, to full-on readers, to skimmers.  Incorporating photos with captions as well as videos, links, bullet points, bold headers, and italicized phrases are all great strategies for writing for the web.